ECG-7MVR Smart Strip®

Features 4 Autoswitch Outlets

Our next-gen Smart Strip, the ECG-7MVR features 1 Control outlet and 4 Switched outlets. Additionally, the unit has 2 always on outlets. The power strip also features a low profile angled plug as well as an ON-OFF Threshold dial and reset button.

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Performance Standards and Compliance

Product Details

Tier 1 Advanced Power Strip

The ECG-7MVR energy saving surge protector operates on a simple master/switched basis. If the TV or PC is on, then peripheral devices are powered on. If the TV or PC is switched off, then the peripheral devices are automatically switched off, thereby reducing power waste.


  • 7 OUTLETS TOTAL—1 Control outlet, 2 Always On outlets and 4 Switched outlets.
  • ON-OFF THRESHOLD—User adjustable +/- sensitivity screw allows for greater device compatibility.
  • RIGHT ANGLE FLAT PLUG with 4FT CORD—This less obtrusive plug is ideal for outlets that are behind furniture or other obstacles.
  • RESET BUTTON— Restores the circuit protector after a power outage or surge.