Emberstrip® 8AV+ Bluetooth®

Embertec® Emberstrip® 8AV+ Bluetooth® APS

The Embertec Emberstrip® AV+ Bluetooth Advanced Power Strip (APS) is the highest performing energy saving APS available worldwide. Featuring the Embertec-invented Active Powerdown® and a superior 64k microprocessor, the Emberstrip® 8AV+ with Bluetooth® delivers class leading reliability, with proven customer satisfaction and an industry first Measurement and Verification (M&V) feature for utilities and implementers.

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Performance Standards and Compliance

  • Embertec® has the only Tier 2 APS independently field trialed by utilities
  • Surge protection rated to a verified 1,974 Joules and 45,000 Amps
  • Underwriters Laboratories Tested and Listed to UL 1449 and UL 1363
  • Embertec® warrants all surge claims for any equipment connected directly through the Emberstrip® 8AV+

Product Details

Connect From Anywhere

Embertec’s Bluetooth® APS, incorporates an industry standard Bluetooth® Low Energy radio within the Embertec APS IR sensor enabling complete control of one or more Embertec APS devices directly from the home owners Apple iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.


Track your energy efficiency programs

All at the push of a button to meet current and future program metering requirements.

  • Track all your installations
  • Verify energy savings
  • Prove retention


  • A 64K advanced microprocessor that delivers superior control and high capacity analytics
  • Instantly set the Embertec Active Powerdown® timer to 1 or 2 hours, or switch on Music Mode (8 hours)
  • IR shielding (both hardware and software) technology protects from stray CFL and sunlight IR
  • Power monitoring circuit, sensing True RMS Power across all controlled outlets (via current and voltage sensing) for reliable control
  • Works and adjusts to all AV equipment types automatically
  • Easily adjust the brightness of the LED warning light for bedroom settings promoting device retention
  • Adjustable Active Powerdown® timer control in three lifestyle settings
  • Instantly and easily monitor power consumption for all devices connected to the Power Saving outlets
  • Turn ON and OFF power to the Power Saving outlets
  • Receive warnings, tips and energy saving suggestions directly from their energy retailer to their phone